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We are proud to offer the esteemed, US-made Ice-O-Matic in Houston. The energy-efficient and affordable Ice-O-Matic ice machines can fit all ice maker needs.

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Ice-O-Matic Machines for All Ice

We carry Ice-O-Matic machines for all ice needs. Ice-O-Matic is well-known and trusted for all ice machine uses. Ice-O-Matic machines can fit in any environment and can produce a variety of ice shapes and textures, including:

  • flake ice
  • full cube ice
  • half cube ice
  • gourmet ice
  • grande ice
  • pearl ice

All Ice-O-Matic machines contain advanced water filtration systems for the best quality ice.

Types of Ice by Ice-O-Matic, Flake and Pearl

Ice-O-Matic ice machines are both attractive and efficient with their energy-saving and easy-to-maintain minimalistic design. Their design allows for more ice made for less money, as well as easy use and maintenance, compared to other quality brands.

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Ice-O-Matic flaker MFI0500 on B55-HR
Ice-O-Matic ice bin B55 ICE0400
Ice Bin

Affordable Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines

We offer Ice-O-Matic machines at very affordable prices. Houston Ice Machine consistently meets or beats both in-store and online deals. You can rely on Houston Ice Machine to help you through the entire process of purchasing your ice-making equipment. Better yet, we offer the ability to do lease purchasing on all of our products.

Ice-O-Matic in Houston.

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