Ice Machine Repair in Houston

Houston Ice Machine offers ice machine repair in Houston. We repair and maintain ice machines to ensure that they are working their best. Customers may request a repair at any time or sign up for a preventative maintenance schedule.

Ice machine repair in Houston.

The Right Ice Machine Repair is Important

Getting the right ice machine repair is important, especially when the ice machine is used for vital preservation of food, drink, medical products, and more. Ice machines must be well-repaired to perform at their best capacity. Ice machine repair prices vary depending on the service needed.

Houston Ice Machine Repair Benefits

Houston Ice Machine repair benefits include:

  • Ice machines working at their best capacity
  • Reduced ice machine maintenance costs
  • Extended ice machine lifetime

Biannual Ice Machine Maintenance Service

For any ice machine, we recommend signing up for our preventative maintenance schedule. With our service, we schedule a checkup every 6 months. The service takes an hour and a half. Preventative maintenance is currently available with cash purchase for only $175 or is free with our service lease.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

Houston Ice Machine has extensive knowledge in the best options for your industry’s needs. We repair and carry a variety of products, ranging from small under-counter ice machines for the office to larger ice makers for the warehouse or kitchen. Contact us for a free consultation to evaluate your ice needs.

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