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We are proud to offer the durable, sustainable, and reliable Hoshizaki ice machines in Houston. The efficient and long-lasting Hoshizaki ice machines are among the world’s most quality machines for all types of ice production.

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Hoshizaki Ice Production Excellence

Hoshizaki ice machines each contain a stainless steel evaporator plate which prevents any rusting, flaking, or peeling damage to the entirety of the ice machine. The plate ensures 15% higher production capacity than other brand name ice machines. Hoshizaki created the stainless steel evaporator plate and is the only company that provides an all-stainless steel plate for each of its ice machines.

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ENERGY STAR® Qualified Ice machines in Houston

Hoshizaki ice machines are ENERGY STAR® qualified, meaning that they are highly energy-efficient. The cost of the machine more than makes up for itself with the amount of energy saved with each use.

CycleSaver® Technology Reduces Energy Bills

Hoshizaki ice machines contain CycleSaver® technology which ensures half of the production cycle times that other brand name ice machines use for producing the same amount of ice. This technology greatly saves money on energy bills.

Hoshizaki Ice Machines Meet Demanding Expectations

Hoshizaki ice machines are among the best designed and top selling ice machines, worldwide. Hoshizaki ice machines meet demanding ice production expectations ranging from food and drink to hospital and other medical uses. Hoshizaki provides designs that fit any space and produce a wide variety of ice shapes and sizes.

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Buy and Lease Hoshizaki Ice machines in Houston

Houston Ice Machine is Houston’s source to buy and lease Hoshizaki ice machines. Whether for commercial or personal needs, we provide the ice machines that are best fit for you. Our Hoshizaki ice machines range from small under-counter ice machines for the office to larger ice machines for the warehouse or kitchen. We have over 30 years of combined experience.

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